This electric kit turns old Porsche 911s into little rockets

This electric kit turns old Porsche 911s into little rockets

British electric vehicle conversion specialist Electrogenic has devised a drop-in kit for two series of classic Porsche 911s, directly leveraging the car's existing mounts, without the need to modify the chassis. The conversion kit can be mounted on the Porsche 911 G-Body (1974-1989) or 964-Series (1989-1994), in two different versions.

The entry-level E62 provides 214 horsepower and a It's an impressive 3,200Nm using torque, enabling the rear-engined coupe to sprint from zero to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds. The more potent E62s kit boosts power to 322bhp and torque output to 3,900Nm, but Electrogenic says this change "requires careful thinking about geometry and suspension setup", since the internal combustion engine variant of the 911 produces at most 250 hp and much more modest torque. Here the shutter speed is 3.8 seconds; a time unthinkable for the time.

Other than that, the conversion kit seems to be very well designed, with no other modifications needed. The 62-kilowatt-hour battery pack is split between the front trunk and rear engine bay, the electric motor sits where the old petrol engine was, and all of the system's electronics are tucked away in place of the tank.

--> The original dash gauges are used to monitor the system, with the fuel gauge tracking battery capacity, the oil temperature gauge tracking electric motor temperature. The kit increases the weight by about 100 kg and modifies the weight arrangement, which goes from 40:60 to 49:51. In short, not too bad.

The estimated range is between 290 and 322 km and recharging can be done at a maximum speed of 50 kW, which recharges the battery in one hour. All very nice, but the price? Perhaps the most painful note here: 120 thousand euros only for the conversion kit, to which it is necessary to add the donor car which must be, at least chassis-wise, in excellent condition.

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