New portable PlayStation coming? The clues are believable

New portable PlayStation coming? The clues are believable

Since a series of rumors about a mysterious new PlayStation hardware began to emerge on the net, fans of the Japanese giant have started to fly with their imagination. There are those who immediately thought of the much talked about PS5 Slime and PS5 Pro, but soon a new possibility made its way into the minds of the players. We are talking about a new portable console from Sony , hardware that has been missing from the PlayStation family since the PS Vita flop.

PlayStation Vita offered an optimized experience compared to PSP, but the public response was quite different. --> After a whole series of speculations that have taken place in recent days, Tom Henderson has returned to throw fuel on the fire on the question of the new portable PlayStation. The well-known insider shared a whole series of details and clues that suggest that Sony is serious about producing new portable hardware code-named Q Lite. According to Henderson's words, this hardware will necessarily be combined with PS5, but it will not be a cloud device, but will use the Remote Play system.

The portable device should also support adaptive streaming that can reach a maximum of 1080p as resolution and 60FPS, for this Q Lite will require a constant Internet connection to work. As for the handheld console designs, according to the first prototypes mentioned by Henderson, the device should look a lot like a PlayStation 5 DualSense, but with a huge 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the center. Q Lite would also be equipped with adaptive triggers for tactile feedback, volume management buttons, speakers and an audio jack input.

Finally, according to this latest rumor, which we remind you to take with due attention, Q Lite would currently be in a QA phase, and should come out before the phantom PS5 Pro but after the PS5 removable disk drive launch.

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