Paramount announces Starfleet Academy, the new Star Trek series

Paramount announces Starfleet Academy, the new Star Trek series

Paramount announces Starfleet Academy

Good news for Star Trek fans, who could finally make one of their dreams come true: enter Starfleet Academy! As revealed in the past few hours by Deadline , the news of the creation of Starfleet Academy, a new series arriving on Paramount Plus in the not too distant future, arrives at warp speed. As we follow Picard's latest exploits and eagerly await June for the second season of Strange New Worlds, the chance to enter one of the Federation's best-known institutions becomes an exciting way to further explore the rich universe of Star Trek.

Star Trek will have a new series, Starfleet Academy , which will open the doors of Starfleet Academy

Within the saga, Starfleet Academy was not only mentioned numerous times, through the memories of the great characters, but it has also been the scene of some episodes of the great series, as happened in The Next Generation , and has become central because of the legendary test of the Kobayashi Maru, seen for the first time in Star Trek : The Wrath of Khan has become one of the most well-known traits of the franchise. Precisely because of its importance, the Academy had become the protagonist of a video game, Starfleet Academy, in which players played a young cadet, facing all the challenges that would lead them to serve aboard Starfleet ships.

--> The announcement of the new Star Trek series, Starfleet Academy, was made by executive producers and showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Noga Landau:

Admissions to Starfleet Academy are open! Explore the Galaxy! For the first time in more than a century, the campus will be open to accepting people of at least sixteen years of age on Earth (or the equivalent for other species) who dream of overcoming their physical, mental and spiritual limits, who value friendship, esprit de corps , honor and devotion to causes greater than themselves. The course of study will be tough, the instructors will be the best in their respective fields, and those who are admitted will live and study side by side with students of all species. Today we encourage those who share our dreams, goals and values ​​to become a new generation of cadets as they take their first steps towards creating a bright future for us all. Ex Astris, Scientia!

As anticipated, the production of Starfleet Academy will begin in 2024, and will feature a group of young cadets who, under the guidance of strict instructors, will discover what it means to be a starfleet officer, also facing more common challenges , such as friendship, rivalry and first loves. From what has been anticipated, it seems that this series is aimed at a teenage audience, thus expanding the target audience of the franchise.