Tesla Master Plan part 3: Model 2, electric van and bus

Tesla Master Plan part 3: Model 2, electric van and bus

Tesla Master Plan part 3

Tesla has finally unveiled the third part of its Master Plan, the program of activities that is cyclically disclosed to inform the market of the new projects Elon Musk's company is working on: in the third part of the Master Plan , Tesla will focus on bringing to market a compact electric car (the long-awaited Model 2), an electric van and a bus for transporting people.

Let's start with the highly anticipated Model 2, the electric “ for everyone” which has been promised for around $25,000: it will almost certainly be produced at the Tesla Gigafactory under construction in Mexico and will use a 53 kWh capacity LFP battery. Thanks to LFP-type batteries, it will be possible to significantly reduce production costs - and therefore the selling price - but charging times will also be positively affected while maintaining a respectable duration over time. Speaking of his compact electric car, Elon Musk made surprising comments: according to him, the Model 2 will be able to operate autonomously and will be able to perform the function of robo-taxi while it is not being used by the owner, allowing therefore to earn money from the car without even having to drive it. Intriguing scenario, but decidedly distant in time, at least according to the current level of development of autonomous driving.

--> The Master Plan continues with solutions devoted more to the commercial sector, such as the electric van and the electric bus: in the second case, it is reasonable to expect a cousin of the Tesla Semi, Tesla's electric truck, with a smaller battery pack, probably from 300 kWh (against the 500 and 800 kWh cuts offered with the Semi) and Tesla's forecast is to be able to sell at least 1 million of these buses.

--> Speaking instead of the electric van, probably to be declined in 2 versions, one for passenger transport and the other for commercial activities, Tesla has set itself the goal of selling 10 million units; to date we know very little about this electric van, but there will certainly be updates in the coming months.