Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass Packages 2 and 3 in the test – more emblems ensure playful depth

Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pass Packages 2 and 3 in the test – more emblems ensure playful depth

Fire Emblem Engage

The expansion pass for Fire Emblem Engage was already a lot of fun for us with the 1st package. While we didn't see the added value back then for those who were already through with the main story, the new emblems were able to convince us with their abilities. Unfortunately, the situation is similar with packages 2 and 3, which have been available for some time now. In the following, we explain what they contain and why we had a lot of fun with the new maps despite our criticism.

The new maps offer you interesting challenges against familiar faces

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The DLC packages 2 and 3 are again located in the Divine Chapters, which are expanded with a total of five new maps. If you successfully complete the heated battles, you will be able to use the associated new emblems. The levels are all designed in a varied way and fit in very well with the already known terrains of the main story. From switch puzzles to poison-filled tunnels, the maps certainly offer one or the other tricky challenge that will present hurdles, especially for those who haven't progressed that far in the main story. One of the nice things about this is that the new cards are a nod to the origins of the new emblems, which should please fans.

Once you have mastered the new missions, you can look forward to Hector, Soren, Camilla, the double pack Chrom & Daraen and Veronica as new companions, which can be put on in the form of arm rings. The abilities of the emblems can be assigned to the category "nice to have", because in the end they are nothing more than a nice extension of the already existing supporters for me. But after fan favorite Tiki, the bar was already set high, which is why it was difficult to beat them. However, if you are still in the middle of the main story, you will be happy about every new fighter, whereas those who have already progressed through the events of the story can make use of the newcomers, especially in a second round. The new combinations that result from the five emblems are remarkable and give the already tactical game even more depth.

Far from that you get through the DLC package 2 still has some useful items and especially the 5,000 band fragments and 30,000 G some will be happy to strengthen themselves for future adventures. Overall, however, the content, far from the characters, does not offer such added value as, for example, the silver card in the 1st package. Again, those who have not yet reached the end of the game can make the most profit for themselves. But the additional money can also be helpful for everyone else, and the new items of clothing in the boutique in particular enable even more individuality when playing.

In terms of playing time, you should Also, don't expect too much. Although the new battles and additional items can keep you glued to the screen for a few more hours, you will not be offered a sprawling story, as the upcoming and final additional content promises. However, Packs 2 and 3 of the Expansion Pass add useful emblems and extras to the game that I hope will be of some use in the upcoming new storyline.