The 5 best New Adult novels to read all in one sitting

The 5 best New Adult novels to read all in one sitting

In the last few years, a particular category of novels has become more and more popular, often born from the so-called fan fiction on the web. It's not exactly a literary genre, but a target indicator: we're talking about New Adult novels. What is it about? If you know at least a little about the movie After (2019) on Netflix , your ideas can start to clear up.

After (2019) --> Not to be confused with Young Adult, this term refers to all those novels – self-contained or spread over several volumes – addressed to a barely adult audience, generally from 18 to 30 years of age: the age of work, university and love more mature, no longer adolescent, without ever neglecting the sexual sphere in a more explicit way. These long stories deal with the changes of the more mature age, those - precisely - of the so-called "new adults". Let's find out which are the 5 best New Adult novel titles, ideal for approaching this particular literary vein.

The 5 best New Adult novels to read all in one breath

It ends with us. We Say Enough Honeymoon for Beginners Unattainable (Vol. 1) The Collision of Hearts Written About You

It ends with us. We are the ones to say enough

Lily Bloom is a girl from Boston. After her father's funeral, the arrival of Ryle Kincaid, a charming neurosurgeon, everything changes. While she pursues the dream of having a small shop outside her, the unexpected relationship with him does not always go the right way, especially after the arrival of Atlas, the great childhood love of the protagonist. Will Lily be able to say enough about her relationship, even though he no longer feels safe with Ryle?

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Honeymoon for beginners

Ariel Murphy is great at keeping promises, including the craziest one: saying yes to anything for a whole year. This is how she, headed to the Bahamas, discovers that her adventure partner is the writer Bradley Kerr. Behind her cheeky smile there is a mission to accomplish, while Ariel, full of secrets, does not want to collaborate with him. Their proximity to each other seems like the beginning of a cataclysm, and while neither of them wants to give up on the other it seems that the only solution is to let the storm overwhelm you.

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Unattainable (Vol. 1)

Rush Finlay is a twenty-four year old boy, he is sexy and arrogant, and no one can say no to him. Blaire Wynn is only nineteen, she is splendid, enchanting, but she is also the daughter of Rush's stepfather. Upon the death of her mother, she and the girl leave the farm in Alabama to move to Florida by her father, but to welcome her there is only her half-brother Rush, with whom she will have to spend the summer. She is not ready for the luxurious life of the city and all the temptations of her, including the charming boy. Why does everything always seem so complicated?

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The collision of hearts

It is the story of Damiano Principe and Morgana Molinari. He is a solitary twenty-five year old, holed up in his "Archiving Dreams" library. He no longer knows how to smile and always hides part of his face from people's eyes. He fixes toys because his grandfather taught him to, in the hope of being able to fix himself too. She, a twenty-two year old full of troubles, has only one certainty in her life: sculpture. She dreams of living from art, but in trying to graduate in Cultural Heritage she discovers she can't find manuals. What if they were in "Archiving Dreams", the place where no one wants to enter because of the mysterious Damiano?

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Written about you

The privileged Ramon, going to help his sister at a party, finds her together with Jennifer Arslow, tabloid news reporter and woman with whom he has always had an ardent relationship. She wants to denounce the crimes of those who believe they are above the law, men just like Ramon, who meanwhile does everything to hinder her. But if each of them, wrapped in hatred, actually had a different side? Putting aside prejudices won't be easy, and to find out they have to risk certainties, feelings, and maybe even their lives.

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