HexaCharge, the wireless charger with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

HexaCharge, the wireless charger with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are two systems that are increasingly common and adopted in cars, thanks to their ease of use and extensive application-level compatibility. When used in wireless mode, perhaps using one of the many dongles on the market (such as Motorola MA1 or Carlinkit ), they offer even greater freedom of movement at the expense of the battery, which runs out more quickly.

While some cars, such as the recent Peugeot 308 that we tested last week, benefit from wireless charging, others are completely devoid of it, leaving very little room for the driver. How to do then? Simple, use the cable again to charge the device or adopt a completely different system like HexaCharge .

--> This is a project that has just started on Kickstarter (with 4 functions in 1) which allows you to:

support any smartphone thanks to a universal retention system; charge any compatible smartphone; enable Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay; support multi-device connectivity. The project has an Early Bird cost of $149, $50 less than the official price of $199, and includes:

Hexacharge HexaRing, to attach to smartphone USB-C – USB-C cable USB-A – USB-C cable Instruction booklet --> Those who do not want to or cannot use the mount on the air conditioning vents can purchase the suction cup mount separately for $25. The project is certainly very interesting and could solve that annoying battery problem that occurs during long and stressful journeys; as soon as it is available, we will also try it here on MotorLabs so as to better understand all the peculiarities and any critical issues. At the moment the list of "compatible cars" is not particularly extensive but we are sure it will improve over time; while in terms of smartphones and fast charging, we recommend visiting the manufacturer's website for your model.