Back to School: TCL tablets, earphones and smartphones at unmissable prices!

Back to School: TCL tablets, earphones and smartphones at unmissable prices!

Back to School

The TCL brand has decided to accompany your return to school, providing numerous tech offers, to facilitate your productivity and, why not, your moments of leisure as well. The promotions available on the official store and on Amazon are varied and interesting, from smartphones to earphones, with discounts that even touch 25%!

You can decide to bring home models of various kinds and belonging to ranges of different prices but, among the most interesting proposals, the absolute protagonists of TCL's Back to School are the Nxtpaper 10s tablet, the range of Moveaudio earphones and the new 30 Series smartphones. These are promotions not to be missed and, precisely for this reason , we invite you to take advantage of them while they are still in progress.

If you are</a> looking for excellent wireless earphones at an unbeatable price, we advise you not to miss the TCL Moveaudio S20 model available for just € 35.58 instead of € 79.90. The earphones in question use ENC technology, designed to filter out possible background sounds and cancel external noises, while the four microphones are designed to automatically focus on your voice. This way, you can hear and be heard clearly even in the noisiest environments!

Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to enjoy music in maximum comfort as, thanks to the intelligent detection of the Moveaudio S20, the songs will be paused or played as soon as you put on or remove your earphones. The battery is also a point in favor of your purchase, as you can use the Moveaudio up to three and a half consecutive hours, with a single charge. In addition, their case guarantees you 23 hours of charging to always have with you, in case of emergency. The audio quality is also ensured by a 12 mm moving coil unit for high accuracy and excellent sensitivity.

Read also: Smart TV | The best of 2022 At this point, if you are interested in taking a look at other numerous items that enjoy super valid discounts in this period of discounts at the end of summer, in the section dedicated to the brand, you should definitely not forget to go to the Amazon page. that we have conveniently linked to you.

In addition to this, we refer you both to the list of offers available, right below, and to our three Telegram channels dedicated to offers, the ideal place to promptly receive information on all the best ongoing offers on the various stores, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech, Clothing and Sports. Happy shopping!

Products on offer

Tablet TCL Nxtpaper 10s - 210,00 € (249,90 €) TCL Moveaudio S600 earphones - 124,43 € (149,90 €) TCL Moveaudio S200 earphones - € 35.58 (€ 79.90) TCL Moveaudio S180 earphones - € 54.43 (€ 59.90) TCL 30 smartphone - € 150.50 (€ 161.00)

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I'm a psychotherapist and author of a book about online dangers. Here's why I skip the back-to-school photos, and why you should too.

Cavan Images/Getty Images

  • Lena Derhally is a psychotherapist and social-media expert.

  • She says back-to-school photos can pose hidden dangers.

  • This is Derhally's story, as told to Kelly Burch.

  • This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Lena Derhally. It has been edited for length and clarity.

    I'm a mom of school-age children. This time of year, I see many of their friends' parents posting back-to-school photos with cute facts and smiling faces. It's adorable, but it's not something I would ever do.

    That's because, in addition to being a mom, I'm a psychotherapist, social-media expert, and true-crime author. When I see those photos, I look past the kids and see the dangers lurking behind them.

    Here's why I don't post back-to-school photos of my kids, and why you might want to think twice before you do.

    Photos can provide information for identity theft

    In 2020, identity theft affected nearly half of Americans. That may be the last thing on your mind as you're hurrying the kids out the door on the first day. But the information that we share online makes our children easy targets for thieves.

    All a thief needs to start stealing an identity is a child's full name, date of birth, and address. They can easily find the first two on social-media profiles that include birthday announcements and other milestones.

    While most of us wouldn't post our addresses online, we're likely to give hints: showing our mailbox or house number in a photo, showing our child's school's name, or even leaving on geotags and location services that reveal where we are. Even a picture with a specific school uniform can help people figure out where you live.

    Online predators are another major concern

    It seems far-fetched that back-to-school photos could be fodder for predators. But law enforcement warns us that investigators have found these photos on sex offenders' devices.

    In addition, the information that you provide can help potential predators groom your child. Unfortunately, most sexual assaults involve a perpetrator that the victim knows. None of us want to think we have potential offenders in our social-media followings, but the uncomfortable reality is that many of us do. When we share info like a child's favorite color, dreams, and aspirations, you give predators tools to build rapport with your child.

    Story continues

    Here's how to share, safely

    Back-to-school photos bring a lot of joy. For many parents, that joy might outweigh what they see as a small risk. Still, I urge people to mitigate their risks. Of course, nothing online is ever 100% safe or in your control, but following these tips can help:

    Think about who you're sharing with. There's a big difference between posting pictures of your kids in a closed family group with 20 members and your whole Facebook following that includes thousands of people you barely know in real life.

    Keep the details minimal. Stick to your child's first name, and never include their teachers' or schools' names.

    Check the background. Make sure your school, home address, and other identifying details aren't visible.

    Ask consent. If your child is 4 or older, ask them before posting. If they have any hesitation, don't post it.

    Ultimately, we need to have the best interest of our kids at heart. This is about respecting their autonomy and their right to privacy and allowing them to decide — when they're old enough — what type of digital footprint they want.

    Lena Derhally is the author of 'The Facebook Narcissist.' Follow her on Instagram. 

    Read the original article on Insider