On WhatsApp you will have two days to delete sent messages

On WhatsApp you will have two days to delete sent messages

Did you accidentally send a gif to your boss? Have you written a message to your mother thinking you are typing in the chat with your friends? From today, WhatsApp is meeting you: in the past few hours, the company announced that users will be granted a little more than two days to delete the messages sent - no longer just an hour. But be careful: for the news to work, the recipients of the message must have the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp. And you will not receive a notification if your message is not deleted, so it will take a few weeks before the safety net just set up by the developers comes into operation: just long enough for the hundreds of millions of smartphones with the app already installed to receive the 'update.

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This is not the only news regarding the popular messaging app. Several new features are coming to WhatsApp and all of them go in the direction of protecting users' privacy more effectively. Another new update allows you to hide your "last login" from only selected contacts - the option will be offered to all users starting this month. So if you don't want to let a particular person know when you last picked up your smartphone, now you can. In the new version available today it will also bea> possible to leave groups without being notified to the other members - the administrators will be the only ones to be informed.

In short, if you want to start closing yourself in a comfortable digital shell , you have all the tools to do it. At least on WhatsApp.

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The latest news will be introduced later, and instead concerns the "view once" option, that is the messages that disappear after the recipient has viewed them. To further strengthen the privacy behind the feature, it will now no longer be possible to take screenshots of these messages, to prevent information deemed private or sensitive by the sender from being disclosed without his consent. This last feature is still being tested, but WhatsApp hopes to be able to make it available soon.