Hideo Kojima has taken the podcast world by storm

Hideo Kojima has taken the podcast world by storm

With Gamescom 2022 now behind us, the time has come to assimilate and digest all those that were the announcements during the various events of the fair. Among the many games and various updates, there was a moment, during the Opening Night Live, which particularly excited Hideo Kojima fans. The well-known Japanese game designer has not presented any new games, but has revealed his new podcast which is already finding space on Spotify.

The podcast announced a few days ago is called Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure, and a short prologue episode was enough to jump to second place in the ranking of the most followed podcasts on Spotify in Japan. This new project by Kojima aims to investigate and tell how the well-known game designer works on his projects, with a strong focus on how the ideas behind his video games are born.

Ranked # 2. https://t.co/1dY34hgUDn


In short, a start with a bang for this latest project by the eclectic game designer who gave birth to great video games like the Metal Gear saga or the more recent Death Stranding. On the other hand, Kojima has always been attracted to many media and it is not so strange that he also wants to experiment with other things outside the video game. As for the games, we know that Kojima is currently working on more titles, at least according to what he said during the opening night of last Gamescom 2022.