Google Maps, annoying bug or new (unwelcome) update?

Google Maps, annoying bug or new (unwelcome) update?

Google Maps

The service dedicated to maps and navigation of the American research giant is creating several headaches for users in recent days. It seems that a new way of interacting with the map has been implemented on Google Maps but, as this behavior appeared only for some users, it is still not sure if it is a bug or an update. Of course, users just don't seem to like it!

Google Maps is a geographic internet service developed by Google that allows you to search and view maps of the world. In short, an excellent adventure companion, who accompanies us in places from the most to the least known, allowing us to move in comfort and safety.

In the last few days they are however, there were reports from some users, who found an annoying bug posted in the first instance on Reddit.

Usually, when you click on a specific point on the map, the menus positioned at the top and at the bottom disappear, so as to leave room for the full screen view. Now, it seems instead a pin is inserted on the map, an action that previously was performed by holding the finger for a long time on a position. We still do not know for sure if it is a bug or a Google A / B test, however not all users encounter this "new" feature in the app.

At the moment it is not clear even if only specific devices or specific versions of Android are affected by the issue, much less if it has to do with a precise build of Google Maps. We will always keep you updated on any updates.

Google Maps: Your Review Isn't Posted Email

Google Maps is now notifying reviewers when their review isn't posted. The email says 'your review isn't posted' and explains why. In the case below, Google said its moderation systems and processes considered the review to be fake.

The email said, 'thank you for your review of [business name goes here]. Unfortunately, it isn't posted because Google's moderation systems and processes identified content that may be fake engagement. It's possible that your contribution also violated other policies.'

Here is a screenshot from the Google Business Help Forums:

I am told the email was sent within 15 minutes after trying to leave the review.

In this case, the person said the review is legit, why does Google think it is not? Of course, Google can get it wrong, as you have all seen over the years.

Amy Toman posted about this on Twitter as well:

Forum discussion at Google Business Help Forums.