How to ask for the transport bonus

How to ask for the transport bonus

From Thursday 1 September 2022 it will be possible to request the so-called transport bonus. Introduced by the government in the Aid decree and expanded in the Aid bis decree, the transport bonus is an incentive that allows beneficiaries to benefit from a contribution of up to 60 euros for monthly or annual passes for public transport. Let's see how it works.

Who can request it? How to apply? For which public transport is it valid? How to use? When can it be used? How many times can it be requested? How many funds have been allocated? Who can request it? The transport bonus is for natural persons who, in the year 2021, earned an income not exceeding 35 thousand euros gross. It will be certified by the ISEE, or the indicator that represents the economic situation of a family unit at a given time.

How to apply? It will be possible to apply from 8 am on Thursday 1 September at, which is an ad hoc portal managed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, through Spid or Cie. It is then necessary to provide the Substitutive declarations of self-certification of income, indicate the amount of the voucher requested against the expected expenditure and the operator of the public transport service for which the bonus will be used.

Which public transport is it valid for? The transport bonus is recognized for a single annual, monthly or multi-month subscription and concerns local public transport - such as trams, metro and buses - but also regional, interregional and national rail transport, including high speed. Be careful, however, because in the case of high-speed trains, the contribution cannot be used for first-class, executive, business, club executive, lounge, premium and working area services.

How is it used? Just present the bonus at the ticket offices of the public transport service manager of reference when you go to purchase the season ticket for which you intend to use the compensation. The ticket office staff will verify its validity and value on the ministry's carry and issue the subscription to the discounted user of the amount indicated on the bonus.

When can it be used by? The bonus can be spent on a single public transport service provider and must be used within the month of issue. The deadline to request it is December 31, 2022.

How many times can it be requested? For 2022, only one. And if the measure were to be re-proposed, things could change.

How much funds have been allocated? The Aid decree of May had allocated 79 million euros for the measure. With the Aid bis decree launched by the council of ministers last August 4, the government allocated an additional 101 million euros, bringing the total budget to 180 million. A figure that allows to guarantee the bonus to about 3 million people.