Nintendo Switch OLED at the lowest price ever on eBay!

Nintendo Switch OLED at the lowest price ever on eBay!

As you know, an unpleasant news hit the console world in the morning. Sony has in fact announced that its PlayStation 5, which is still highly coveted as it is still unobtainable, will undergo a definitive increase, which will increase its price on various markets, including the European one.

An unpleasant news, caused by the general increase in prices and inflation and which, most likely, will discourage those who have not yet purchased the console. Obviously, there is no solution, but alternatives are available, in our opinion very valid.

The example of the day is this excellent offer that eBay is reserving for the splendid Nintendo Switch OLED which, apparently, it has now definitively moved away from the problems related to the continuous shortage of components caused by COVID, returning available almost everywhere.

The beauty is that this splendid Nintendo console, today is not only available for purchase, but on eBay is even discounted at the lowest price ever, or just € 319.99, against the original € 349.99 required for purchase!

A great price, for a console that, as you know , not only gives its best when connected to the TV, but it can also be played in a portable version, now even more satisfying thanks to the splendid OLED screen that Nintendo has included in this updated version.

A console that, in our judgment, it makes perfect sense to buy, too net of the generous difference with the hardware of the current flagships Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo Switch, in fact, is a console that makes a story in itself, not only for the hardware, but also for the extraordinary sector of exclusives set up by Nintendo, which boasts truly valuable titles.

Read also: Nintendo games | The best of 2022 In short, a truly excellent console, nowadays graced by the beauty of a brilliant and sharp 7 ″ OLED screen and which, on its own, would be worth the purchase of the console! Having said that, we just have to refer you directly to the page dedicated to the purchase, reminding you that it is impossible to trace the amount of stocks available which, therefore, could run out sooner than expected!

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