DeLorean, in Pebble Beach the electric Alpha 5 and new concepts

DeLorean, in Pebble Beach the electric Alpha 5 and new concepts


DeLorean has chosen the important Pebble Beach event for the debut of its first electric model and two new prototypes. The US event allowed numerous visitors and enthusiasts to take a closer look at the new DeLorean Alpha5 electric coupe, presented last May. During the US event, DeLorean also presented two new electric prototypes: the Alpha5 Plasmatail, station wagon version of the Alpha5, and the DeLorean Omega 2040, a concept inspired by rally racing.

The Alpha5 is presented with lines extremely sporty but at the moment there are no technical details on the vehicle. In fact, the company has not yet released official data on the speed and power of the vehicle. Some rumors speak of the ability of the Alpha 5 Plasmatail to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.99 seconds. A 100 kWh battery would instead ensure a range of about 480 kilometers. According to reports, the DeLorean company will start a limited production of 88 units in 2024.

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Images of the Alpha4 SUV and two Alpha3 and Alpha2 coupés with a sporty design have also been recently released on the web. It is therefore clear that the DeLorean Motor Company is working to bring vehicles with a sporty yet unique design to the market.

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DeLorean is a very well respected name within the automotive industry as the man behind the logo was responsible for designing  some of the coolest cars in American automotive history. The brand DeLorean has a very similar reputation for making interesting vehicles such as the DMC-12 which became a cultural icon after its appearance in the Back To The Future franchise. As any have pointed out, these vehicles might not have been the fastest cars but they were iconic in their day and still hold prestige only dreamt of by other sports cars and movie vehicles. With all of that in mind, here is why you should consider adding the DeLorean DMC-12 to your automotive collection.

Powering this DeLorean is an engine that all but disassembles the idea that these sports cars can't be fast without some serious modification. Thats because its got a total of six-cylinders which can be a promising feature along with sounding really good. Along with the cylinder count, the engine also uses around 2.85-liters of displacement to provide the driver with a wide range of power at any rpm level. On top of all that, you also get a great transmission which has stood the test of  time and proven itself more than capable of controlling the sleek film-star automobile. So how does this powertrain hold up to the high-performance driving you might want to do with this DeLorean?

With five gears and a manual configuration, that gearbox is a mighty competitor as it offers a certain level of control you cannot find in an automatic. Because of all of this, the listing states the car runs and drives 'as a DeLorean should' which essentially explains all that is needed  when talking about this sports car. On top of all that, the vehicle also only reads 33,600 miles  on the odometer which is great when you consider what that means for the condition and driving quality of the Delorean. With all things considered, this would be the perfect sports car for any automotive enthusiast with love for the Back To The Future franchise. Does that sound like you?

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