Paper Mac turns a Raspberry Pi into a Classic Mac II

Paper Mac turns a Raspberry Pi into a Classic Mac II

The community of enthusiasts who give free rein to their imagination through the use of Single Board Computers such as Raspberry Pi is growing more and more. On the pages of geekinco we talk to you quite frequently about the most interesting projects that appear on the web and the protagonist of today's news is a project created by Dave Luna, who used a Raspberry Pi to give life to a Macintosh Classic II that combines technologies of the present and the past.

Specifically, Paper Mac reused an original Mac Classic II case, but the internal components were replaced by a Raspberry Pi 3 paired with a 16-color e-ink screen in grayscale produced by Waveshare. As for the software, instead of starting the Apple System 7 operating system, a customized software inspired by it is used, called Pseudo 7, which shows several images from the owner's Google Photos account.

Photo Credit: Dave Luna
Dave Luna commented on this process like this:

I didn't want to go through Google Photos API authentication, querying, and caching. There was nothing new or fun about this process. Instead, with this system the Chromecast would have done all the heavy lifting involved in managing the photos, while I would have learned more about the camera port that I had never used before.

To give even more "authenticity" to the 'work, Paper Mac uses an Arduino that converts the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) to USB to use original Apple peripherals and produces classic Mac sounds via a set of USB speakers installed inside the case. Some keys have specific functions, such as activating clock mode with "C", taking a screenshot or turning off.