Twitch has unveiled three new features for fighting hate raids

Twitch has unveiled three new features for fighting hate raids

Twitch has announced three new features that will help the creators of the platform fight against hate raids, including one that prevents new accounts from sending raids.

The hate raid phenomenon has begun to manifest itself in all its drama in August 2021, with some anonymous users who started attacking well-known channels, filling them with racist and homophobic insults.

Hence the #TwitchDoBetter movement with a boycott of the platform in September 2021. Since then Twitch has taken many steps to combat the phenomenon, such as shared ban lists or phone verification, but now has decided to make others.

During the last streaming dedicated to the new updates, the company announced new measures coming up for the configuration of the raids: the possibility of setting minimum and maximum thresholds of spectators for the raids; limit incoming raids based on the age of the accounts of the channel that wants to do the raid; choose the channel types that streamers can add.

The last two features will prevent newly created bot accounts from sending raids. However, some fear that they will prevent small streamers from raiding other accounts.

For now it is impossible to say whether the measures will work or not. In the meantime, it is nice to see that something is being done to curb a frankly hateful phenomenon.

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