How Twitter Circle works, the novelty that limits tweets to the audience of your choice

How Twitter Circle works, the novelty that limits tweets to the audience of your choice

How Twitter Circle works

While the most assiduous Twitter users are still waiting for the arrival of news such as the Notes blogging platform and Podcasts, the Twitter Circle function has been officially activated on the sharing platform, which from these days can be used gradually by the entire audience of users. global by accessing the social network from a computer via a browser or from mobile applications for Android and iPhone. The new useful service allows you to define a limited circle of users to whom your tweets and related replies can be made visible, which will thus be private, not shareable and accessible only to those who have been authorized. The function is already operational in Italy both on the web and on the app side and it is very simple to use: here's how to use Twitter Circle, to get more control over the privacy of your tweets.

The information pop-up Getting started to discover the Twitter Circle function just tap or click on the Tweet button: an information window will open that broadly explains how this new option works. Circle allows you to create a list of up to 150 users who follow you (and not necessarily who have followed back) with the possibility of adding or removing others later, a bit like for close friends on Instagram.

The notice of the availability of Twitter Circle

How limited tweets work At the first access to the compilation of a tweet with Twitter Circle, it is possible to create the first circle of users by drawing from your list (which can be modified at any time); after this step, content can be published in the traditional way, with the difference that a green badge will appear in support of the limited circulation tweets to distinguish them from normal content. Users chosen as public will be able to comment, but not retweet or export the tweets via embed code; however, it is worth remembering that they will always be able to download any images published online or save a screenshot of what is written, without generating warning notifications.

What is Twitter Circle and how it works?

Twitter Circle is a new feature of the social media platform Twitter. It enables users to share tweets within a specific set of people. Know how it works and what are its other features.

Twinkle Updated: Aug 31, 2022 14:16 IST

What is a Twitter Circle?

What is a Twitter Circle?

The microblogging platform Twitter has recently made an announcement about its new feature Twitter Circle. Accessible all over the globe, this feature will help users to select viewers for their shared tweet. Well, the list of twitter benefits does not end here, to know more continue reading the article.

What is Twitter Circle ?

Twitter Circle is a helping hand for all avid users. Past years are enough to prove the power and influence of twitter or other social media in our daily lives. And with great power comes great responsibility. So, to make the most of the power, Twitter has rolled out an additional feature named ‘Twitter Circle’. This feature enables users to share their tweet with a selected group of people, instead of the entire audience.

Similar to the ‘Close Friends’ option on other Meta-owned platforms, this feature comes with an audience limitation. At present, users can only choose up to 150 people under the Twitter circle feature. However, there is an option to modify the group with the able Add and Remove feature for participant list.

This new feature will be ally to users with a large number of followers. As they can now select groups and share all what they want with lesser chance of landing into any controversies.

How will Twitter Circle work?

Twitter users can form and select participants for their Twitter Circle endless times. The participants in the selected group can also be the one you don’t follow. Now, one can send tweets to their Circle by tapping the oval audience above the text box and changing it from 'Everyone' to 'Twitter Circle'. Twitter experts say that people present within a circle will see a green badge under the tweets sent to the group. These tweets with audience limitations can include text or media without any hindrance.

Users can also edit their Twitter circle anytime and people won't be notified if they are removed, the company noted. Also, there won't be any alarm for users removed from Twitter circles.

Some other salient features of Twitter Circle
  • Improved flexibility to choose who can see tweets.
  • Created a space for comfortable Tweeting and expressing.
  • Eliminated the need for alternate or secondary accounts.
  • Helps to Share content with close and evolving groups of friends.
  • No more toggling between protected and public account settings.
  • The new feature increased overall Tweeting.
  • Increased Tweet engagement rate on circle Tweets (Likes and replies)
  • Constraints retweeting completely or without permission.
  • Pick who can reply to your tweets accordingly.
  • Remove your mention from a tweet or conversation any minute.
  • Twitter believes that this new feature will enhance the overall experience. Aslo, it will be able to create a safe and secure space for all sorts of thoughts and opinions.

    FAQWhat is a Twitter circle?

    Twitter circle enables users to send tweets to a smaller group.

    How many users can be included in a Twitter circle?

    You can include up to 150 people in your Twitter Circle.

    How many users can be included in a Twitter circle?

    You can include up to 150 people in your Twitter Circle.

    Can I have more than one Twitter circle?

    Every user can only have one Twitter Circle.

    Who can see the people in my Twitter circle?

    Only you can see the full list of people in your Twitter Circle