Turing Pi 2 is already a hit on Kickstarter

Turing Pi 2 is already a hit on Kickstarter

Although the world of Single Board Computers (SBC) is dominated by Raspberry Pi, the market continues to provide more or less viable alternatives to meet the needs of as many users as possible. Recently, a new fundraising campaign for the Turing Pi 2 computer cluster was launched on Kickstarter. The community has enthusiastically welcomed the project, so much so that, at the time of writing, 1,073,046 euros have been collected in just two days and there is still almost a month to go until the end of the campaign.

Closed our funding goal in less than 3 minutes

$ 200k in 15 minutes

$ 400k in 30 minutes

You are awesome! https://t.co/yIzx4ooY2c # turingpi2launch pic.twitter.com/RkTu3oC78I

- Turing Pi (@turingpi) May 16, 2022

Turing Pi 2 It was primarily designed to use the Turing RK1 modules, a sort of competitor to the Raspberry Pi Computer Module 4, but other devices can also be plugged into the four onboard SODIMM modules, such as NVIDIA jetson Nano, TX2 NX or Javier NX. Spec-wise, the Turing RK1 is equipped with the Rockchip RK3588 SoC, which integrates four ARM Cortex-A72 cores and four A55 cores, accompanied by up to 32GB of RAM. Particularly interesting is the presence of a neural processing unit (NPU) with six TOPS, making the device attractive even to those who wish to be able to use machine learning.

The Turing Pi 2 board is equipped with of two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3 (but you can add more via header), two mPCIe (one with SIM card slot), two SATA III, one HDMI and one MIPI DSI header. Connectivity is complemented by a 40-pin GPIO header. As for the power supply, it is provided via a 2-pin ATX header.| ); }