The new YouTube function to "skip" as if there was no tomorrow

The new YouTube function to skip as if there was no tomorrow

YouTube is bringing a new feature to the desktop version and mobile applications that shows the most popular parts of an uploaded video. Something that could be useful especially in very long movies if you want to get straight to the point without getting lost in preambles, but at the same time a move that could lower the time spent on content, given the free fall of the attention threshold of users, increasingly pushed. to a wild skip. And there are those who wonder where YouTube has (yet) got its inspiration.

The upcoming YouTube feature will therefore show the most popular scenes in each video and study user behavior to derive this information. In fact, the system will automatically understand the popularity of a portion of seconds compared to others by collecting how many times a given scene has been repeated. Practical example: there is a video that shows an animal doing something funny, it is likely to imagine that users want to review the exact moment in which this happens, the system therefore understands when the sequence begins and when it ends. Something very useful especially when most of the footage isn't very useful and you just want to jump to what matters. Just take a look at the comments under almost every video to find one with a reference to the minute-seconds of one or more important moments, so that other users can click and jump directly to the scene: the novelty "integrates" this empirical method in a way more institutional. Visually, as per the gif below, the most popular moments will be shown with a timeline with thumbnails and markers.

Remember anything? There are many comments on this new feature that refer to adult video portals that have been offering this feature for some time. And it wouldn't be new that YouTube takes inspiration from red-light containers, such as with thumbnails that appear by moving the slider on the video progress bar. When will this news be seen? At first it will be the prerogative of users with a YouTube Premium subscription who will be able to test it on the experimental portal, more than likely that it will then be extended to the rest of the audience.