Pininfarina unveils the concept of the NamX hydrogen SUV

Pininfarina unveils the concept of the NamX hydrogen SUV

The term 'HUV' is a fusion of the word SUV and 'hydrogen', because this is the main feature of the concept designed by Pininfarina on behalf of the NamX company. Never heard? Not surprisingly, it is an Afro-European joint venture that has set itself the goal of reconciling the unstoppable human desire to move, with the need to preserve our planet and the few natural environments that still maintain their original characteristics.

NamX's new HUV doesn't have an official name yet, but we know it will be powered by a fuel cell type system, meaning hydrogen will be used to generate electric current to come then used by the car to move. This is a solution already hypothesized by many, but which for the moment has not yet reached the stage of development necessary to become interesting for the consumer market.

The entry level model of this NamX SUV designed by Pininfarina should be equipped with a 300 horsepower engine, capable of exceeding 200 km / h by sprinting from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, while the GTH version should reach 550 horsepower, 250 km / h top speed by reducing the sprint from 0 to 100 to 4.5 seconds.

| ); } The most interesting aspect of this project is undoubtedly the type of power supply: we are talking about hydrogen cells that can be easily replaced by the user - as you can see in the photo - so as to dramatically simplify the refueling phase.

According to what has been released by NamX, each single hydrogen cell should ensure about 700 km of autonomy, but in this case it is very easy to have other cells already full to be replaced as soon as the need arises.