Microsoft Edge Is Gaining Ground As A Console Browser

Source: Pixabay

In January 2020, Microsoft launched its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. Fast forward to September 2021, and Microsoft Edge became the sole official browser on Xbox consoles. Browsing the internet with gaming consoles has always received mixed reviews, as gamers have found console edition browsers tend to lack modern and updated technologies. However, Edge has changed this perception by offering innovation and flexibility.

A Game Changer In Console Browsing

One of the ways Edge has encouraged innovation is by allowing gamers to sync their browser data to their Xbox. With a few clicks of a button, you can access all of your saved passwords, bookmarks, and favorites tabs on your Xbox. Microsoft Edge has also enabled gamers to send tabs to other devices and access web applications like Discord on their Xbox.

Yet, Microsoft Edge hasn’t just become popular amongst gamers. Since its release, the browser has grown at exponential rates, increasing from a 0.57% market share in March 2020 to 8.03% in March 2021. For perspective, that marks a growth of 1,308% in 12 months. As a result of this growth, research by StatCounter has found that Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular desktop browser in the world. That means Edge has overtaken Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox, while Google Chrome still holds the crown. As of May 3, 2022, Chrome is used on 66.64% of desktop computers worldwide.  

What Makes This Growth Interesting?

From a market research perspective, these figures are very telling. Many researchers look at the usage share of web browsers (the percentage of individuals accessing websites through a specific web browser) when studying different demographics’ technology usage. For example, there is a quiz to determine an individual’s technological age, and one of the main questions asks for a respondent’s preferred browser. The options available include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Brave, and Chrome. 

A respondent who chooses Chrome as their preferred browser is likely young since Google Chrome is the number one browser on desktop and mobile, and younger generations dominate the mobile market. That is especially the case in countries like South Africa. However, selecting Safari in the quiz could indicate that someone has an older technological age. Safari is the number one browser for tablets, a market monopolized by older generations.

Considering where Microsoft Edge falls in popularity between Chrome and Safari, it begs the question of what the technological age is of someone who favors Microsoft Edge as their preferred browser. There’s a lot of evidence hinting the technological age is young, considering Microsoft Edge is the official browser on Xbox, where the console’s age group ranges from 16 to 30 years old. However, there is also evidence swaying the other way. For example, Microsoft Edge is only popular on desktops, and it isn’t in the top six browsers on mobile, which young people often favor using over desktops.  

Source: Pixabay

Microsoft Edge is still new, and the browser has only just started to surpass the likes of Firefox and Safari, so the technological age of the people favoring this browser is still unclear. However, we know that Microsoft Edge is very popular on Xbox, where users tend to be younger rather than older. It will be interesting to see how this browser continues to develop over the next few years.