Malware spread with fake NFT artist job advertisements

Malware spread with fake NFT artist job advertisements

Malwarebytes, a company known for its malware removal app, has discovered a new attempt to spread an infostealer to the detriment of NFT artists.

Apparently, users of DeviantArt and Pixiv in Japan, they are receiving bogus job offers from the Cyberpunk Ape Executives NFT project, whose ultimate purpose is to infect devices with malware designed for data theft. The offers included fake payment plans running up to $ 350 per day.

The world of NFTs is haunted by scam attempts and malware
As you can imagine, the file is actually the installer of a malware that infects the target machine with a trojan, known as EnigmaProtector, capable of bypassing detection by antivirus, according to what was found by VirusTotal. Apparently, those responsible for the attack aim to obtain the credentials of users with the most followers, and several artists have reported a series of messages received by bots with some frequency.

The infostealer steals stored data on browsers, such as passwords and cryptocurrency wallets, including any NFTs and digital currencies inside them.

So, in addition to the usual prudence to be adopted when unexpected (and all too tempting) job offers arrive, it is good verify that the company in question is really running a hiring campaign (perhaps asking confirmation from the HR department) and make sure that their security systems are up to date.