Delage D12, the French hypercar wants the record at the Nurburgring

Delage D12, the French hypercar wants the record at the Nurburgring

Delage D12

The French manufacturer Delage Automobiles, closed in 1953 and reborn in 2020 with the presentation of the Delage D12, is preparing for tests at the Nurburgring in the 'street legal' category, where it aims to break the track record that today belongs to the Porsche 911 GT2 RS , also obtained thanks to the Manthey Performance Kit.

Delage CEO Laurent Tapie has made it clear that the company's goal is to set the track record at the Nurburgring in 2023, but to do so there will be need a really crazy car.

On a technical level, the Delage D12 takes full advantage of the world of Formula 1: in addition to the particular shape that from certain angles recalls that of the F1 single-seaters, on the D12 we find push-rod suspensions and a cockpit with a very particular shape - yes it can accommodate two people, but seated one in a row to the other, so as to keep the weight centered.

“The secret to going fast on the track, especially on a circuit as long as the Nurburgring is aerodynamics. After all, hypercars and supercars are all very powerful, the real difference is the aerodynamic study. We must aim to maximize downforce on the front, and that's why we decided to reproduce the nose of a Formula 1. " Laurent Tapie said of the Delage D12. | ); } The first deliveries of the Delage D12 will take place as early as 2022, with the lucky few buyers having to shell out $ 2.3 million to get one.

Delage Has A Working Prototype Of The 1,100 HP D12, Set To Embark On US Tour This Summer

We haven’t heard much from Delage since the company unveiled the F1-inspired D12 in 2020, but the automaker is back in the news as they have revealed the existence of a working prototype.

Delage didn’t say much about the car, but it has been undergoing testing at the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours in France. The company went on to say the prototype is slated to go on a U.S. tour this summer with its first stop planned to take place in California this August. The prototype will then arrive in Miami the following month to “offer Delage clients and prospects the chance to test drive the car.”

Besides confirming an operational prototype, Delage revealed two dealers have signed a distribution and service agreement for the D12 in the United States. The first was Delage of South California from the Newport Beach Automotive Group, while the second is Delage of Florida from Specialty Car Collection.

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To celebrate the occasion, Delage and Specialty Car Collection will be holding an invitation-only event on the eve of the Miami F1 Grand Prix. The D12 show car will be in attendance and the company will also show footage of the D12 prototype on the track.

As a refresher, the D12 is a $2.3 million hypercar that features a naturally aspirated 7.6-liter V12 engine that is backed up by an electric motor and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engine produces 990 hp (738 kW / 1,004 PS), while the electric motor in the GT variant contributes an additional 110 hp (82 kW / 112 PS) to bring its combined output to 1,100 hp (820 kW / 1,115 PS).

Customers can also opt for a Club variant, which has a 20 hp (15 kW / 20 PS) electric motor that “only assists with traffic driving, parking and reverse.” The lightweight motor allows the Club to weigh nearly 200 lbs (91 kg) less than the GT, but it also comes with a lower combined output of 1,010 hp (753 kW / 1,024 PS).

The first D12s are slated to be delivered to American customers in the second half of 2023. Production will be limited to 30 units globally and only ten are coming stateside. “Several” of these have already been spoken for, so potential customers should probably act fast.


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Image credit: Delage / TED7