Hyundai begins development of a new synthetic fuel

Hyundai begins development of a new synthetic fuel

For most manufacturers, the future is now decided and will almost certainly be battery-powered; however, some manufacturers are not yet ready to take this step and are looking for alternative combustion solutions.

An example is represented by Toyota which, with hydrogen, has long aimed at introducing solutions also of racing nature. Hyundai is now investing in a clean, combustion-powered future by striking a deal with one of the world's largest energy companies.

The Korean automaker has partnered with Saudi Aramco and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology ( KAUST) for the development of an "ultra lean" fuel capable of producing a very low amount of emissions. If the name Aramco sounds familiar, it is because it is the same organization that currently works with Aston Martin's Formula 1 team to develop synthetic fuels. Aramco's e-fuel will be made with green hydrogen, using the electrolysis process of water.

Hyundai also notes that with this fuel, users can expect better thermal efficiency than gasoline and diesel. The manufacturer will basically follow the path already started by Porsche, a few months ago, with the plant in Chile. Unfortunately, however, synthetic fuels do not represent Hyundai's final goal as explained in a note:

“BEV and FCEV will be Hyundai's ultimate technology for achieving zero-emission mobility, while ICE technology that combines environmentally friendly fuel and ultra-lean combustion engines will be the key to effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions during our transition to electric vehicles. "