JJ Abrams will produce the live-action film on the hit Hot Wheels

JJ Abrams will produce the live-action film on the hit Hot Wheels

One of the most famous toy car brands in the world is preparing to debut on the big screen. The Wrap portal has announced that JJ Abrams will produce the live-action film on Hot Wheels thanks to his Bad Robot Company, already working on several television and film projects for Warner.

JJ Abrams will produce the Hot Wheels movie

Created by Mattel in 1968, the Hot Wheels brand has wowed fans of several generations with its toys, as well as becoming the subject of numerous animated series and video games, including Hot Wheels Unleashed. For years there had been talk of a possible film and at one point it was assumed that Justin Lin (Fast & Furious) was directed.

These are his words: Hot Wheels are leaders in automotive culture, and have been enthusiastic about the industry for decades. Now fans of all generations will be able to venture into this great race created by J.J. Abrams and Warner Bros. Together they will turn this intellectual property into a compelling story for the silver screen.

Mattel Films vice president Kevin McKeon and Andrew Scannell will also be involved, along with vice president of production Peter Dodd. The Hot Wheels movie is just one of the many projects in the pipeline based on the well-known brand.

The movie about Barbie with Margot Robbie as the iconic doll, the movie about Masters of the Universe and other projects has also been confirmed based on UNO, View Master, Thomas & Friends and other famous IPs of the company.