Rewind, Italy Bares' HIV awareness is back live

Rewind, Italy Bares' HIV awareness is back live


Reliving the best moments of one's life and correcting mistakes: it is a vision that inspires cinema, theater and that still greatly affects the public's imagination. Everyone would love to press the Rewind button. And so happens to Rebecca, the protagonist of the homonymous, new show by Italy Bares, while she celebrates her 35th birthday. A journey through time that allows her to relive the 80s and 90s: we all love them for music, cinema and the feeling that the future was a long, golden walk in well-being. But it was impossible to forget, in those years, also the impact of HIV and therefore AIDS, an epochal health and social watershed, which we have not yet completely pushed out of history.

Rebecca's events await the public at the theater in Milan on 12 May and also mark the live return of Italy Bares, the show created in our country by the actor and choreographer Giorgio Camandona: to inspire him, the American Broadway Bares, by director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell. The nudity of the title is not only a scenic medium but also a symbol of liberation from prejudice. Over the years Broadway Bares has represented not only the response of the New York theater scene to the crisis caused by HIV and AIDS (it was launched in '92) but it has represented a strong driving force for raising funds in the fight against disease and injury with its format charity show.

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Filippo Timi

At the Repower theater in Milan the public can then enjoy a show which brings 80 performers to the stage and also a surprise performance by actor Filippo Timi.

The singer Gaudiano and Guglielmo Scilla, who has already crossed Italy Bares on his journey in the first edition, in the pre-pandemic year 2019, will also go on stage. In fact, Italy Bares also chose the digital version when it was not possible to open the doors to the public with the compulsory stop virtual marathon. The return live, however, marks a new page and the show will make an important contribution to fundraising in favor of Anlaids, which for almost 40 years has been fighting to stop the spread of HIV infection, promoting information, research and therefore prevention. But that's not all: the real goal is to foster the growth of public awareness, pushing the stigmatizing aspects of the disease outside the perimeter of the social, public and private discussion.

The appointment is theater with music, dance and acting but there will also be, outside, another artistic and media event, with the exhibition "Together we can stop the virus", which tells the patient journey of the patient affected by HIV, reworked by the imagination of eleven artists. The works come to life, via app, thanks to augmented reality.

At the theater to have fun, imagine and even think: medicine has made progress, but HIV still exists. And although scientific progress has made it largely manageable and compatible with normal life, it is still not possible to press the Rewind button and eliminate the infection entirely.

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