Helon, the Italian company that combines NFT and gamification

Helon, the Italian company that combines NFT and gamification


Helon is a new company born in Milan, with the intention of revolutionizing the world of NFT and entertainment. The young Milanese company, born from the initiative of Andrea Labate, will in fact launch its digital platform in the second quarter of 2022 that allows you to buy, collect and sell 3D images of a selection of Italian and international celebrities, in continuous expansion.

The Stars on Helon are shown in the form of exclusive 3D renderings and are tokenized into 30,000 parts that make up the elementary units of the character, called tiles, which can be purchased by users both individually and in packs.

But the news goes much further: not only will players be able to collect tiles by keeping them in their wallets and showing them on their game profiles and social channels, supporting their favorite characters and having the opportunity to connect with them by accessing prizes and experiences. exclusive but, marrying an approach to entertainment typical of video games, each new character introduced will present new challenges for the ute nte, as well as new opportunities to expand your collection.

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This is also just the beginning of a journey full of news that will be unveiled and announced in the coming weeks. Anyone wishing to stay informed on everything related to Helon can visit the official website or join the community on Discord.

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