Dacia produced 10 million cars in half a century

Dacia produced 10 million cars in half a century

On April 20, Dacia reached a historic milestone after more than 50 years of activity: born in 1968 in Romania, Dacia reached 10 million vehicles produced by completing an example in Urban Gray color of the new Duster Extreme LE, of which we have spoken only a few days ago.

It was the Mioveni production plant in Romania that produced the model that made the history of the company: this important objective once again demonstrates the great growth that the brand has experienced in recent years .

Dacia took 17 years to reach the first million cars produced, and a further 13 to reach the second million; following the purchase by Renault in 1999, the Romanian company has seen strong growth, and in 2014 Dacia could boast 5 million cars produced overall. In just 8 years, between 2014 and 2022, the company managed to produce another 5 million cars, for a total of 10.

Renault's purchase of Dacia in 1999 opened a new chapter for the company, which has managed to spread to international markets: models such as the Sandero and Sandero Stepway are among the best-selling private vehicles in Europe since 2017, produced in 2.6 million units from 2008 to today. In addition to these models, Dacia can boast 2.1 million Dusters and 1.95 million Logans.

Dacia models today are produced in several factories throughout Romania and Europe, and are sold in 44 countries.