PlayStation has a dedicated "retrogaming" team

PlayStation has a dedicated retrogaming team

For years now in the world of video games there has been discussion about the possibility of preserving old titles. While Xbox has already made some important progress with backward compatibility (although now the project seems to have stopped for purely logistical reasons), PlayStation instead seems to be slightly behind, although in the future the scenario could change radically.

Playstation As reported by VGC, in fact, PlayStation has founded a new team, aimed at the preservation of video games. The new team involves the figure of Garrett Fredley, who worked as a computer engineer for the Canadian developer Kabam, as well as in Eelctronic Arts. Fredley is now part of the “Game Preservation Team”, a topic he has been very fond of since he first stepped into the industry.

How and if PlayStation will launch such an initiative, we cannot know. Backward compatibility is currently one of the most discussed issues, as is the ability to play older games even when servers are shut down. Under the scrutiny of the various editors there are certainly plenty of options on the table. The difficult thing is to understand which one can be started without too many problems and above all at reasonable costs for all the companies involved. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.