Elden Ring could receive a VR mod: teaser video from a famous virtual reality modder

Elden Ring could receive a VR mod: teaser video from a famous virtual reality modder

Elden Ring could receive a VR mod

LukeRoss, a well-known creator of virtual reality mods dedicated to games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn, has shared a video teaser - which you can see above - through which he suggests that a VR mod could arrive for Elden Ring, the souls-like action role-playing game by Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware.

For the moment there are no release dates for this mod and we don't even know if it will ever exist. As far as we can see, however, Elden Ring works perfectly in VR with a first-person view. Obviously the combat system might be a bit strange, but we have the impression that historical fans would like to test themselves with this new challenge.

A crystal cave of Elden Ring The video, how to see, unfortunately it does not show any combat: the sequence shown is that of starting the game and, when the first enemy appeared, the modder simply stood still to be killed. Probably for the moment the mod does not allow you to fight, or at least not in an acceptable way.

Elden Ring isa> one of the most successful games of recent times and the public is slowly creating various mods for the game. Furthermore, FromSoftware also continues to support it by fixing bugs and making various changes. For example, the 50 hit illusion wall and dog killing in one hit bugs have been fixed.

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Elden Ring 'Easy Mode' Is One Of The Most Popular PC Mods ATM

A meme-style Elden Ring image depicts Melina, superimposed with the words 'Easy Mode Mod,' extending her hand to a collapsed Tarnished.

There are a lot of Elden Ring mods. In fact, popular PC game modding destination Nexus Mods currently hosts 527 or so. But amid all the available ReShades, pretty face settings, and weapon reskins, one of the most popular mods for FromSoftware’s latest hit is an easy mode, created by modder odashikonbu, that gives your Tarnished the muscle to beat anyone.

Odashikonbu’s “Easy Mode For Elden Ring” mod has been downloaded almost 50,000 times since its March 12 debut, making it the Nexus’ fifth most popular Elden Ring mod at the time of writing—though the mods above it are cheat tables and togglers. There are three versions of easy mode: a “Damage Edit Only,” a “Damage Tweak + 10x Rune,” and odashikonbu’s “Personal Edit.” All three do a lot of the same things, like reducing the damage you receive by 50%, increasing your attack damage by 25%, and doubling both your hit box radius and the amount of health you recover from flasks. These are attractive adjustments that will make even the toughest of enemies look like chumps.

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The most popular mods for Elden Ring include easy mode.

Things get interesting when you dive into odashikonbu’s “Personal Edit” version, which makes Elden Ring a total cakewalk. Not only does it defang foes and jack up your Tarnished, it also disables mechanics like FP costs for spells and weight limits for equipment, while decreasing the number of materials needed to reinforce weapons to one. There are some other cool things to point out here and there, such as the mod’s buffs to weapon scaling, but suffice to say that not even the newly rebuffed Starscourge Radahn could stop you if you used this.

For folks seeking a more relaxing stay in the Lands Between, the only real bummer—or boon, depending on how you look at it—is that the mod will only work when you’re playing offline. That’s because you can only disable the game’s anti-cheat while playing offline, and you’re currently required to do so to use mods. Odashikonbu wrote in the description that their mod was designed so that “everyone [could] enjoy Elden Ring, [not] for cheating in online mode.”

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Kotaku has reached out to odashikonbu for comment.

What I find entertaining about this mod isn’t just that it overpowers your Tarnished in relation to everything else, though sure, that’s part of it. But I love how odashikonbu’s mod is the total opposite of Silentverge02's “Prepare To Die” mod, which makes Elden Ring way harder. The Elden Ring community truly shows that it takes all types.