Samsung Dream Days Unieuro: unmissable offers until May 1st!

Samsung Dream Days Unieuro: unmissable offers until May 1st!

Samsung Dream Days Unieuro

Samsung Dream Days is taking place at Unieuro, a collection of offers that, until May 1st, will involve a lot of products from the well-known Korean manufacturer. The discounts will allow you to buy the best of Samsung at very affordable prices, and will take into account not only the products of the past generation, but also the latest items placed on the market.

Several excellent discounted products but, at our opinion, you should not really ignore the discount on the brand new Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner, presented very recently but immediately at a discount of over 20%, which translates into a saving of 250 euros, as the original price of the product is 1,149.00 €, therefore reduced to only € 899.00.

With the new Bespoke Jet, Samsung managed this time to arrive before Dyson, presenting the first cordless vacuum cleaner equipped with a self-emptying tank. The suction mechanism is similar to that of robot vacuum cleaners equipped with the same technology, and will allow you to never come into contact with dust, a not insignificant factor, especially in these periods of strong spring allergy. Simply place the Bespoke Jet on the Clean Station to start the emptying operation, as well as recharging the battery, which means that you will only have the task of vacuuming the dirty spots, making it collect the dust through the Digital Inverter motor from the power up to 580W and the Slim Action brush.

In addition to implementing a self-cleaning tank, Samsung has succeeded in the difficult task of making the Bespoke Jet a very light and easy to use vacuum cleaner, despite the 135,000 rpm motor, faster even at the current top of Dyson range. The suction power will not be lacking, as well as the accessories, which are another strong point of the new Samsung proposal. In fact, in the package you will find 8 accessories, in addition to the vacuum cleaner and the Clean Station, with which to clean every corner of the house and every type of surface.

Finally, there is an intuitive digital LCD display, useful for keeping keep an eye on the level of suction, the autonomy and notify you if the vacuum cleaner has any problems, suggesting a solution at the same time. In short, the new top-of-the-range Samsung vacuum cleaner takes cordless household cleaning to new levels, and is perhaps the first and true alternative to Dyson solutions.

Read also: Robot vacuum cleaners | The best of 2022 We remind you that the Samsung Dream Days reserves many other surprises, therefore we strongly suggest you take advantage of these offers, because they could reappear in the not short future.

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