Car review, new increases in sight?

Car review, new increases in sight?

Car review

During the last meeting of the Transport Committee in the Chamber, the director general of civil motorization, Pasquale D’Anzi, intervened, shedding light on the difficult situation that the MC is experiencing; from this assumption a new proposal was born, for the moment only hypothetical, to revise the price of the car overhaul according to the Istat index on the cost of living - translated, increase the price of the overhaul to support the coffers of the civil motorization.

“I fully agree - said Pasquale D'Anzi - on building an automatism based on Istat indexes for revision rates. There is no form of obstacle, but to date things have become complicated because the tariffs have always been linked to supervening regulatory interventions. An initiative of this kind, if there were any, I would certainly support it, because I find that an automatic mechanism, although it may prove to be politically inappropriate, given that the user is required to pay more than before, is a good and fair thing from the technical point of view, also to give income stability to those who do this activity as a professional "

With the phrase 'whoever does this activity as a professional', 'D'Anzi addressed Authorized workshops that perform car overhauls: the latter have already seen a significant increase starting from 1 November 2021, when the price of the car overhaul went up by € 12.14, going from € 66.88 to € 79.02 .| ); }

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SINGAPORE - The demise of the internal combustion-engined (ICE) car has been greatly exaggerated.

Gravity-defying petrol prices notwithstanding, these cars will be around for a while yet, and there are many worthy contenders valiantly defending their turf against the marauding electric vehicle (EV) brigade.