Nazralath: The Fallen World is the Soulslike for H.P. Lovecraft

Nazralath: The Fallen World is the Soulslike for H.P. Lovecraft


If you love Soulslike and are also a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, a new studio may have the game for you. Let's talk about Nazralath: The Fallen World, a new video game currently in development at Euclidean Studios. The game was presented with a trailer and the first information was released through a press release, with some images that you find in this news.

As stated by the developers, Nazralath: The Fallen World is a third person soulslike, developed with Unreal Engine (probably the fourth version, but we don't know enough about it yet), with a dark fantasy setting and RPG elements. The Lovecraftian atmospheres are immediately visible in the trailer and in the first images disclosed by the developers: dark tones, creatures that are difficult to bear on sight and a sense of abandonment and fear envelops the new video game, son of those titles that only FromSoftware has able to clear customs to the general public, as demonstrated by the incredible sales figures of Elden Ring.| ); }
Nazralath: The Fallen World doesn't have a release date yet. However, this particular Soulslike does not seem to be close: the Steam page is in fact still absent and it is very likely that it will take some time before you can try it. In the meantime, we invite you to visit the developers on their official website: from there it will be possible to follow them on Discord and always be updated on the most important news and updates regarding development.

Euclidean Studios releases announcement trailer for 'Nazralath: The Fallen World'

New Delhi, April 28 (UNI) Game development is a scenario that is constantly in the works, as every day we have a new game that is being announced or developed. One of the game genres that is gaining more prominence today is dark fantasy with the latest rage being FromSoftware's 'Elden Ring'. In another instance of Dark Souls worship, the Serbia-based Euclidean Studios has come forward with the announcement trailer for their new game 'Nazralath: The Fallen World'. Within just the first few seconds of the trailer, it is evident that Euclidean Studios have sought to create another Souls like experience with heavy mystery, dark and sombre atmosphere and a dark, mysterious and twisted storyline, though in a strange twist, the trailer also bears a lot of resemblance to another game designed as a Souls love letter, the brilliant Cold Symmetry game 'Mortal Shell'. The environments of the game and the texture used indicate a drab, depressing palette much as was the case for 'Dark Souls 3' where we get the signs of a world that is on its last legs and is slowly dying or has witnessed far too much bloodshed in a case of ultimate doom and gloom. At the moment, Nazaralath has only been confirmed for PC and there is no release date either. The studio can be expected to reveal new details about the characters and gameplay in the upcoming weeks. The reveal trailer does appear to show a world in ruin with the main characters involved with the occult, using it to gain power. The description for 'Nazralath: The Fallen World' reads: “Nazralath: The Fallen World is a story-driven, third-person, dark fantasy action-adventure game with RPG elements; focusing on a compelling narrative and exploration through a rich, strong sense of atmosphere and world. Inspired by titles such as Planescape: Torment and Dark Souls, as well as the twisted works of Zdzisław Beksiński and H.P. Lovecraft, Nazralath is a deep delve into the occult realms of dark fantasy.” On their official website, Euclidean Studios described the game ''Nazralath is the child of all of our skills, knowledge and inspirations. It's an experience woven from the mechanics of our favorite games growing up, the texts of our favorite authors' thematic and narrative styles, and the brush strokes of our favorite painters and digital artists. We consider it a unique and fresh take on the RPG genre, and a reincarnation of classic game design values which seem to have been lost to time.” UNI ANV RN