Call of Duty: High Moon Studios hires to work on an unannounced project

Call of Duty: High Moon Studios hires to work on an unannounced project

Call of Duty

High Moon Studios is looking for developers for a new project related to the Call of Duty series. The game in question has not been announced and it is not easy to say what it is, since now the franchise has several branches, including main chapters, free-to-play live service for home platforms and free-to-play live service for mobile platforms.

High Moon Studios is a highly experienced software house, owned by Activision Blizzard (therefore by Microsoft, in case the acquisition goes smoothly), used in recent years as a support for other teams. The latest game released is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in 2020.

The sought-after figures are quite indicative. In particular, those related to gameplay and production, which suggest a more central role in development than in the past (even if in these cases it is never easy to establish what the contribution of the individual studios is). Could it be a completely new title? As already specified, it is difficult to say with certainty, given how things work in the modern video game world, where individual titles are often the work of hundreds of people, many times linked to external studios contacted to create very specific aspects of the products.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Insider Leaks Details on Rumored DMZ Mode

With the sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare confirmed and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – or whatever it may be called – on the way, people have still been talking about plans for the rumored 'DMZ' mode that's supposedly in development. Some new details about the mode were shared this week by a Call of Duty insider who claimed to have knowledge of the story setup for this DMZ mode and what kinds of events it would catalog.

Twitter user RalphsValve who frequently tweets about Call of Duty news and rumors talked about the DMZ mode on Friday. The Call of Duty insider said it'll be Modern Warfare II's third mode and that it's supposed to 'follow an elaborate storyline in continuation from the Campaign.' This will involve various characters and fronts the game's battles are fought on, the user said.

Those who played Modern Warfare when it released in 2019 will recall that the game also had an extra mode that continued the campaign in a way similar to what's described above. That mode was Spec Ops, the experience first introduced in the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 before being updated for the newer Modern Warfare game. It consisted of various missions and challenges as players might've expected, but it also moved the story of Modern Warfare forward through those assignments.

This DMZ mode is one that's been talked about several times over with those who claim to be in the know often attaching this mode to Modern Warfare II as opposed to Call of Duty: Warzone. It's been described as a sandbox mode of sorts in the past, and when Activision talked about its plans for the future of Call of Duty not long ago, it did use that same word. Activision framed the sandbox experience as 'a massive evolution of Battle Royale,' however, so it's still unclear at this time how exactly the mode will be implemented. Warzone almost certainly isn't going anywhere though, so anyone who's planning on getting the next mainline Call of Duty game when it releases will get their hands on whatever this new mode is no matter what.

Whatever this new Call of Duty game's mode ends up being, we're bound to hear more about it before the game releases later this year, so look for those details on DMZ or any other name it goes by whenever Activision is ready to share them in the coming months.