Apple saved € 6 billion by eliminating the charger

Apple saved € 6 billion by eliminating the charger

No chargers and earphones in the iPhone box. An advantage for the environment? Without the slightest doubt, but also for Apple's revenues - which in this way saves several billion euros every year. This was revealed by a study conducted by the British newspaper Dailymail.

It was 2020 when Apple decided to sell - for the first time ever - its iPhones without including the adapter in the box. smartphone. Apple had explained at the time that the choice was made with the aim of reducing its impact on the environment. And, in fact, it was: in just a few years Apple has eliminated over 2 million tons of carbon emissions. Translated? Roughly like over 500,000 cars have disappeared from the streets around the world.

The fact remains that the decision not to include adapter and headset with its latest iPhones has resulted in extremely significant savings. According to the study conducted by the Dailymail, Apple would have saved around 6 billion euros in a couple of years. The study takes into consideration several factors: from the material production of the accessories, to the logistics necessary to transport them, finally passing through the chargers which - having not been included in the package - were then sold separately by Apple to its customers. The newspaper estimates savings of around 32 euros for every iPhone sold.

Commenting on the newspaper's study, an Apple spokesperson explained that the company has set itself the goal of becoming 'carbon neutral' by end of 2030 and recalled that many competing companies have chosen to follow their example. "Every Apple device sold will have a net carbon footprint of zero," he added.

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