Pokémon Smile: first update after more than a year, here are the news for the mobile app

Pokémon Smile: first update after more than a year, here are the news for the mobile app

Pokémon Smile

Pokémon is a saga best known for its main chapters, turn-based JRPG suitable for all ages. However, the franchise has seen many more or less particular spin-offs over the years. One example is the 2020 Pokémon Smile app. Now, this application has gotten its first update, more than a year and a half after its release.

Pokémon Smile, in case you don't know, is an application, not a real one. game. It is an app designed for the little ones and, precisely, to entice them to brush their teeth. For this reason it is called Smile (smile). By brushing their teeth in front of the camera, the little ones can catch Pokémon. This is a nice idea and suited to the (mostly) cheerful spirit of the saga.

Now, a first update arrives that adds the following new features to Pokémon Smile:

New Pokemon and New Pokémon Caps The "Brushing Session Duration" and "Take Picture While Playing" options in the "Brushing Settings" menu can now be set separately for each user on a device. Bug Fixes

You can (re) watch the Japanese version of the game trailer below.

Tell us, do your children or brothers and sisters use Pokémon Smile? And you, do you use it? There's no reason not to, after all.

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Training for Romance (pokemon semitwinning)

Travel was probably the most common thing wannabe pokemon champion of the world, Ash Ketchum, had to face in his long lasting journeys. Obviously, with all the different towns, cities, and even entire regions he went across, seeing the boy and whatever friends he was with at that time staying at the same place twice was practically impossible. From fancy hotels to simple camping sites, he was always somewhere new when it was time to hunker down for any given night. There was one large exception though, and that was when he finally saw all a region had to explore and tackled it’s league, be it a success or failure (although most likely failure), he always came back to the one place that was truly home to him: Palette Town, Kanto.

More specifically, after the tiring events of whatever region he was in most recently and saying his goodbyes to whatever lovely and quirky companions he made along the way, Ash always made sure he made a good stop by home with his mom, Delia, to just relax and catch up on life. Eating fresh home cooking from mom, playing around with Pikachu and Mr. Mime, and looking at all the photos of his absent father felt fresh every time Ash had been far from home so long after each journey. Nothing could ever beat the feeling of being fresh at home like never before. It rarely seemed to change whenever he was gone either, just like his age, sure his dad might be back a bit that Ash had missed but it was overall the same exact, cozy little town at the end of the day before Ash’s next big adventure.

This time, the young boy had just finished his trek throughout one of the fancier regions the world had to offer: Kalos. While the trip itself had felt like his typical worldwide explorations, with many new pokemon and locations Ash had seen for the first time ever, there was one special thing that happened after the journey itself: a visit from a new friend into the Ketchum home! Right as Delia was expecting Ash to come home by himself yet again, a blue-eyed and honey haired maiden was right beside him, introducing herself as “Serena” as she said she wanted to stay with him just a bit longer with Ash before setting out back on her own journey.

“I have to say Mrs. Ketchum, I couldn’t thank you more for letting me stay the week with Ash! I know it was random but still, I couldn’t thank you more.” said Serena at the home’s kitchen table, having a simple cup of morning coffee with Delia while the woman cooked breakfast. It was already quite early in the morning and partially into the week Serena planned to stay, and she was already liking the cozy vibe of the small place that was Palette Town.

“No worries Serena, it’s rare I have guests over besides family so serving you is always a treat!” replied Delia with a smile, tightening her apron a bit before flipping over some simple pancakes. “By the way, I’ve had a small question myself that I’ve been wanting to ask myself if you don’t mind, about Ash that is.”

“Oh, um, sure thing ma’am!” said Serena with a bit of surprise to the question, hearing Ash’s name making her blush a bit before gaining her composure back with a sup of her warm drink.

“Well that blush seems to answer it for me but, here I go anyway.” replied Delia, smiling a bit before turning her way back around to Serena, “Is there any reason you wanted to stay here with my little boy Ash in particular? As his mother, I think I’ve already found a few good reasons.”

Serena blushed yet again, although she felt stupid for getting caught off guard by this. Her own mother could tell whenever she was having a crush on a guy like Ash, of course his own mom could tell in the blink of an eye as well! “U-um, w-well, you see…” Serena tried blurting out, her own surprise making her stumble on her words far beyond normal, “I, uh, may or may not have a crush on him…”

Right after she said that, Delia had a confident smirk reading “I knew it” all over her face, making Serena blush even brighter knowing she had just been outed for her feelings of romance before even telling it to the guy she liked in the first place! It felt humiliating beyond belief, especially being his very own mother that outed her out. Before long though Delia seemed to erase her smirk right off her face, now taking a more soothing look as she said back, “Don’t worry dear, I was hoping my little boy would find some love sooner or later. In fact, as soon as I guessed your feelings for him, I made something just for you to enjoy!”

Serena’s face quickly perked up right after, Delia taking a small break from her cooking and letting it all heat for a moment as the happy mother looked for something in the cupboard. “Really, right away? For what purpose?” Delia didn’t seem to be talking though, strangely enough, but soon pulled out a simple bottle of what looked like a flavor shot you’d use for coffee.

“Duv berry flavor shot dear!” replied Delia, cheery as ever, “Just add a single spray of this into your drink and you’ll be ready to be Ash’s darling wife in no time!” The woman giggled delightfully as she placed the bottle right next to Serena and her drink, still being about half-full before she returned to making the breakfast meal. Serena couldn’t feel more shocked honestly, was Delia really going to hop to marriage so soon when both were only 10 years old?! However, she felt too kind to question anything about it, Delia was already back to her cooking grove while Serena kept looking at the bottle, being a bright pink, simple design with the name of the product right on top and little else, seemingly being home-made due to the name itself being written in permanent marker. Nonetheless, Serena couldn’t help but be nice to the woman and add a small bit of the flavor shot to her drink, staining the dark coffee a shade of pastel pink as Serena went in for a small sip.

Surprisingly, the new coffee tasted pretty dang good! It tasted nearly like any berry flavoring, but in such a sickeningly sweet and home-made feel that just had Serena going for more! It was like a rush of love being pushed into her heart and stomach simultaneously. Soon after that burst of flavor hit, she felt a strange compulsion hit her as she glanced at Delia’s kitchen work yet again, getting up to help her out of what felt like near instinct, simply asking her “Mrs. Ketchum, is it ok if I help with the cooking here? I thought you might want it.”

“Wow, it sure is working quickly! Of course dear, feel free! Guys always like a woman who can help cook around the house a bit, you know!” replied Delia, yet again giggling in joy as she let Serena help out with the bacon. The romance-related comment didn’t even register hitting Serena unlike last time, simply giggling along with Delia while getting directly to work.

Soon after, the rest of the flavor shot kicked into Serena, taking small sips while she worked to keep the sweet buzz up, sweetening her mind more and more along with even her body, not noticing as she grew just as tall as Delia, and even developing faster to make her body nearly identical in its pure shape. A bit strange, sure, but the personality shift left Serena not asking many questions as she watched and seasoned the food with near pro chef level skill. Right after, she tied her hair back into the same ponytail Delia always had hers in, both as part of her new look and to simply keep it from contaminating the sure to be delicious food.

Even her clothes started rapidly shifting, her plain red skirt growing much longer like the one Delia sported on her, the black top Serena was similarly wearing growing to the exact proportions Delia’s plain yellow top had while keeping it’s normal colors. Her pink bag followed suit, going from around her elbow to going on top of her black top in the form of a plain mini-coat, again, exactly like Delia’s in its shape while keeping the original colors Serena sported, now the two looked so identical they were pretty much like alternate colors in a fighting game or like a shiny pokemon!

The food itself was now just as finished as Serena’s new look too, the eggs, bacon, and pancakes prepared now smelling more delicious than anything on earth and ready to bite into, the ladies just needed their final guest to arrive!

“Good morning Mom! Sorry I’m up late I just had a dream that…” said Ash, just coming down the stairs in his blue pajamas as he rubbed his eyes, now seeing what looked like two copies of the same mother and no Serena! “Wh-what?! Am I still dreaming?!”

“Aw, he’s dreaming of me~! I know I’d be a good wife for him thanks to your help, Delia~!” said Serena to herself as Ash yet again looked in shock. She no longer seemed embarrassed in the slightest, now taking Delia’s full advice in with a smile. Who knew what kind of love was going to blossom now between the pokemon trainer pair!