Ford and Rivian say goodbye to joint development of electric cars

Ford and Rivian say goodbye to joint development of electric cars

Ford and Rivian say no to joint development of an electric vehicle. The two manufacturers therefore declared that they had definitively canceled the previously announced development plans for a zero-emission vehicle. Let's not forget that the American Ford made a 500 million dollar investment in Rivian in 2019, but already in 2020 the two companies revealed that they had canceled the development of a car to be marketed under the Lincoln brand.

It is in the last few hours that Ford's CEO has made it official, who reiterated that the company will not use Rivian's technology for its electric cars. According to reports, Ford appears to no longer need Rivian for its future electrification project.

Right now, we have growing confidence in our ability to emerge in the electric market. Today, compared to when we invested in Rivian, a lot has changed: with regard to our capabilities and the direction of the brand; now it's clearer to us what we need to do, Farley said in an interview.

Let's not forget that in recent years the Blue Oval House has optimized its strategy for the construction of electric cars. Confident of its capabilities, the carmaker Ford aims, in fact, to double its planned production to 600,000 units by the end of 2023.

However, Rivian has confirmed that, referring to the decision , highlighted that it is a mutual choice. Thanks to increased demand for Rivian models and Ford's new zero-emission car strategy, the two companies have agreed to focus each on their own projects. Indeed, Ford itself will continue to be a shareholder of Rivian.