Success in France for the first CBDC experiments: "there is strong interest"

Success in France for the first CBDC experiments: there is strong interest

Success in France for the first CBDC experiments

A report released Monday focusing on research by the Central Bank of France into the wholesale use of state digital currency, or CBDC, said the evidence focused on trading and settlement of financial assets represented on a distributed ledger. br>
"These experiments with a wholesale CBDC were conducted in record time, in less than a year, and show how much market participants are interested in the topic, as well as their expectations towards public authorities Nathalie Aufauvre, Director General of Financial Stability and Operations, explained in a statement. "With the emergence of financial assets in tokenized form, we have shown that a CBDC, combined with the potential of new technologies, can ensure the secure settlement of transactions in these assets and thus contribute to the secure development of these innovations."

As might be expected, the Bank of France is not pursuing a concrete launch plan for the CBDC. Rather, it wants to pursue further experiments using the technology. "The experiments have raised some important questions that need to be explored further," the central bank said.