Triangle Strategy: Roland Glenbrook story and character trailer

Triangle Strategy: Roland Glenbrook story and character trailer

Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy returns to be shown in video with a first trailer of a series specifically focused on history and characters, after the more generic ones shown previously, in this case concentrated above all on Roland Glenbrook.

The trailer is still in Japanese , but still allows you to see new scenes of the interesting strategic RPG for Nintendo Switch by Square Enix and steal something of the character in question, which also represents an important piece of the overall picture of this title.

The young man Prince of Glenbrook is in fact one of the main characters, which we will be able to discover in more detail within the complex and profound narrative built for this title, which presents itself as a sort of successor to Octopath Traveler in terms of style and general spirit of the production, even if it is a full-fledged staccato game.

After a first demo released several months ago, Square Enix reported on i have applied many improvements to Triangle Strategy also taking into consideration the feedback shared by the players who took part in the trial version. A couple of months ago, the game returned to show itself with a release date finally set: it will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022 worldwide.

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Triangle Strategy Character Trailer Introduces Roland Glenbrook

triangle strategy

Triangle Strategy has looked like a mouth-watering prospect ever since it was first unveiled, what with its promise of an engaging turn-based tactical RPG with the beautiful visual palette introduced first in Octopath Traveler, and everything we’ve seen of the game so far has only served to reinforce that belief. Now, Square Enix has released another new trailer for the game, focusing solely on a single character in its story.

The character in question here is Roland Glenbrook, one of the primary characters in Triangle Strategy, who also had a significant role in the game’s demo last year. The trailer itself is in Japanese, but while you can’t understand what’s being said here (unless you know Japanese, of course), there’s some in-game footage and screenshots shown in here that might interest you.

From the demo, we do know that Roland is the prince of the Glenbrook Kingdom, which was usurped by King Gustadolph. The honourable prince is now driven to fight back against the usurper and reclaim his rightful throne.

Triangle Strategy is out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.