Here is the NFC fabric that allows clothes to talk to each other

Here is the NFC fabric that allows clothes to talk to each other

Unlike other types of smart fabric that rely on continuous wired connections that can restrict movement, the UCI team's solution - a new form of hi-tech fabric that can communicate wirelessly - is battery-free and based on on elements consisting of engraved copper and aluminum sheets capable of transmitting signals by magnetic induction. These elements are likened to "rails" and not only make that particular garment mechanically flexible, but allow you to send signals to other garments.

Pants could be made to track leg movements and transmit data to a T-shirt that monitors heart rate, for example. The material could also be integrated into hospital gowns to do the work of various sensors on patients, be used to make payments with a tap of the sleeve, or exchange digital information with others wearing similarly capable clothing.

Credits : UCI

Lead author of the research, Amirhossein Hajiaghajani, said that “you would no longer need to manually unlock your car with a separate key or wireless device and your body would become the badge to open the gates of the facility. ”

According to scientists, the metamaterials underlying the new wireless communication technology can be made at low cost and could be easily customized for size. They can also be heat-pressed into existing garments, negating the need for costly disbursements for futuristic clothing.