Zoom, this new feature will not distract students

Zoom, this new feature will not distract students


Zoom Video Communication, the company that makes one of the most used video conferencing software in the world, has presented a new feature called "Focus Mode", designed to reduce any distractions of students during lessons (as reported by Engadget). By activating it, in fact, the teacher will have the opportunity to see all the students, but each of them will only be shown the video feed of the person who is holding the lesson, so as not to be distracted by the other students. Later, the teacher may decide to deactivate this mode to make room for everyone's voices during discussions.

Credit: Zoom "Focus Mode" is available on any Zoom desktop client, including versions free. In addition to lessons, this feature could also be useful during work and family meetings or, in any case, in all those cases during which it is important not to get too distracted. In addition to seeing the teacher, students will also see their own video and any presentations, along with the names of other students and their reactions via emojis. Deactivating it, students can see all the other students.

Credit: Zoom Sure, Zoom has launched this mode in view of the new school year which, all over the world, could once again be influenced by the trend of infections inherent in the COVID-19 pandemic currently underway, exacerbated by the new Delta variant. To improve comfort and make life easier for students who will have to follow the lessons at a distance, the company has published an interesting article in which it provides five tips for parents to better prepare their children for distance learning or mixed learning.

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Kids using Zoom for school? There's a new way to keep them focused

A screenshot showcasing Zoom © Zoom A screenshot showcasing Zoom's Focus mode.

As Zoom remains a key part of many students' experience this fall, the video conferencing tool introduced a new feature to keep them from getting distracted in class.

In a blog post, Zoom revealed a new mode called 'Focus', aimed specifically for teaching environments such as classes.

During a class run through Zoom using 'Focus', teachers will be able to see every student in class, but students will only see the teacher. On a student view, pupils will only see the names of students in available windows, but not their peers' nonverbal feedback or hear other students when unmuted.

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'Focus mode is designed with the digital learning environment in mind, allowing students to stay attentive or work on their tasks while under supervision, without being distracted by others and their tasks,' reads a support page on Zoom's website detailing the feature.

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'Focus' mode works the same when teachers enable screen sharing, and will allow an instructor to share a student's screen when appropriate during class.

Zoom has taken several steps to shore up their videoconferencing platform as Americans grew reliant on tools to navigate remote work and schooling. Last month, Zoom introduced Apps, merging popular productivity and entertainment services including games directly into the Zoom experience.

The platform also launched an Events tool to host hybrid meetings or conferences directly within Zoom.

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