Here are the next big earn-to-play games to come

Here are the next big earn-to-play games to come

As play-to-earn gaming grows, more and more people are interested in diving into P2E crypto games. Notably, Axie Infinity took the spotlight, becoming the most popular play-to-earn game this year with a market cap of over $ 9 billion. Therefore, following the path of Axie Infinity, here are the next great P2E crypto games.

First, Decentraland's (Mana) play-to-earn game has the potential to continue to grow and surpass Axie Infinity. Additionally, Mana is a full-fledged virtual reality platform that allows players to purchase plots of land. In fact, this project uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). They officially opened to the public in February 2020.

Another P2E crypto game is Gala, a new rising star who has made substantial gains. In no time at all, Gala finished in 62nd place. Additionally, the gaming platform supports many popular games including Townstar, Miradus, and Fortified to name a few.

Joining the play-to-earn trend, CryptoPlanes (CPAN) has joined the gaming space, is part of the cryptoCity metaverse. The location of the famous NFT CryptoCars racing game. In a short time, CPAN has steadily risen with impressive gains. Currently ranked 537th, it aims to reach the top 100.

Finally, the emerging crypto game, CryptoMines (Eternal) has become the best GameFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The popularity of this game continues to increase, having already reached the figure of $ 508.40. The game intends to become one of the best SciFi GameFi projects on the blockchain.