Is Battlefield 2042 an alpha? Here is the provocative list that sheds light on the most basic shortcomings

Is Battlefield 2042 an alpha? Here is the provocative list that sheds light on the most basic shortcomings

The launch of Battlefield 2042 didn't happen as DICE and Electronic Arts dreamed of. The game is in fact one of the most criticized on Steam, with many negative reviews and it is not a good time for the Swedish development team (but with studies all over the world), committed to solving various bugs and glitches. Someone wanted to speculate on this situation, with a list of shortcomings that show that the game in reality may not have been ready for launch.

We obviously have to dot the I's: the list is deliberately provocative and shows some shortcomings in comparison, of course, with previous titles. Some of these are obviously inexplicable and refer to some very basic shortcomings, which instead could have been introduced perfectly. Others, on the other hand, are decidedly more subtle and seem more choices that are well coherent with the game design and with the modern reality that players face every day.

If you look carefully at the list, however, the most widespread feeling is the oddity. Indeed, Battlefield 2042 seems to suffer from the lack of many basic elements for an online shooter, such as the lack of persistent lobbies, no class system, few customization options, few game modes, no spectator mode, no manual aim. , inability to take items from allies' bodies, no points awarded for vehicle damage, and so on.

DICE is committed to fixing Battlefield 2042 and will likely intervene on similar choices as well. The problem is understanding how much the developers have room to maneuver. Certain choices, especially those related to scores, are the offspring of a long and complex game design and changing a piece in the course of work could be decidedly dangerous and would risk completely unbalancing everything. On the bug side, however, there are no problems: the development team immediately deployed to help the players, complete with a reporting system. Collaboration, in some cases, is essential.

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