Now Battlefield 2042 has its own battle royale thanks to Portal mode

Now Battlefield 2042 has its own battle royale thanks to Portal mode

Battlefield 2042 has been available for several days now, and although this year lacks a single-player campaign, the new iteration of DICE's FPS saga brings with it a number of very interesting new features. The most particular is undoubtedly the Portal mode, thanks to which players can create and customize a whole series of modes to their liking.

Although Battlefield 2042 does not have an official battle royale mode, thanks to the new Portal mode some players have managed to make a working one. The mode was called Warfiled 100, and as the title suggests it allows one hundred players to take part in a free-for-all game with the most classic stylistic features of the battle royale genre.

This mode recreated in Portal will throw you into the game. action as happens in all battle royale, or parachuting from the sky to decide where to land. There is also the random loot that can be found on the ground, a circle that closes in the map, a prison and a spectator mode.

Only a few days have passed since the launch of the new Battlefield 2042, and thanks to the mode Several Portal enthusiasts are already having fun recreating a series of crazy modes; including one of the most popular games seen in the Squid Game TV series.

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