Netflix under investigation in Russia for doing "LGBT propaganda"

Netflix under investigation in Russia for doing LGBT propaganda

Russian authorities have opened an investigation into Netflix, which apparently violated local laws against "LGBT propaganda". The well-known streaming platform risks a fine of one million rubles, about 12,000 euros, which we doubt will be problematic for the company's finances. Much more serious, however, is the possible suspension of the license in Russia, which would prevent Netflix from operating in this country.

According to what the Vedomosti website reports, the accusation against Netflix, specifically, is that to have broadcast films and TV series featuring LGBT characters and themes, indicating them as suitable for those over sixteen. In this way, the platform would have violated a 2013 law that prohibits the dissemination of content with "propaganda on non-traditional sexual relations" to minors under the age of eighteen.

Netflix This is a somewhat controversial law, so much so that in past years it has been condemned by the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child and human rights groups, including Amnesty International.

For the moment, Netflix has not commented on what happened. Also according to what was reported by Vedomosti, an anonymous source says that after an internal review the company has not found any content with LGBT characters or themes intended for an audience under 18.

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