Xbox and Adidas: after PS5 and Nike, will the Microsoft console also have its shoes?

Xbox and Adidas: after PS5 and Nike, will the Microsoft console also have its shoes?

Xbox and Adidas

Even Xbox Series X | S, or better Xbox in general, will probably have their own pair of customized shoes, in this case from Adidas, in parallel with the partnership between PS5 and Nike for the original sneakers dedicated to the Sony console. >
This is what emerges from a Complex report, which reports that at least two pairs of Xbox-themed Adidas shoes are planned, obviously characterized by console-related themes such as black color with green finishes and the Xbox logo positioned above.

Xbox and Adidas, a photo of the prototype of the new themed shoes. Photos of the alleged pairs of Adidas sneakers planned by the company have also emerged, but at the moment they are prototypes. In any case, according to what the source said, production would have already started with an expected release in June for the first model, that is a promotional version of the Tech Boost Forum.

Other releases would then be expected: in October , again according to Complex, two pairs of the Adidas Forum Mid series are on the way, with a new new version of the Forum Tech Boost scheduled for November.

The Xbox-themed Adidas Tech Forum Boost in a preparatory drawing There are currently confirmations by Adidas, but given what was announced in recent days with the Nike PG 5 PlayStation 5 sneakers, the question seems rather realistic, also considering how the photos accompanying the news are quite plausible. We look forward to any additional information.

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Adidas and Xbox to Release Sneaker Collaboration

A first-round sample of the upcoming Xbox x Adidas Forum Tech Boost. Image via Adidas

Adidas is partnering with Xbox this year for a series of co-branded sneakers, sources familiar with the upcoming collaboration tell Complex. The first Adidas x Xbox shoe is scheduled to arrive in June, with more to follow starting in October, but these dates are subject to change.

Neither Adidas nor Xbox has announced the project, but an Adidas document viewed by Complex breaks down the brand’s plans for the upcoming Xbox sneakers. First will be a promo version of a new shoe called the Forum Tech Boost in June (style number GZ3733), which will be followed by two pairs of Adidas’ retro Forum Mid basketball sneaker (style numbers GW7794 and GW7795) in October and then a release of the Forum Tech in November (style number GW2646). The schedule also references more Xbox x Adidas sneakers planned for 2022.

A leaked rendering of the upcoming Xbox x Adidas sneakers. Image via Adidas

All of the sneakers will come in black and green boxes with Xbox logos on them.

Shown above is a work-in-progress version of the upcoming Xbox x Adidas Forum Tech Boost. The sneaker has an Xbox logo on its upper, visible Boost cushioning, technical mesh made to look like the Xbox Series X console, and synthetic leather. As this is a first-round sample of the Forum Tech Boost, the final sneaker that will release later this year could look significantly different.

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