Watch Dogs Legion: PvP modes are a long time coming

Watch Dogs Legion: PvP modes are a long time coming

Watch Dogs Legion

With the release of the big update 4.0 for Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft announced, among other things, that the two PvP modes "Extraction" and "Invasion" will appear towards the end of May this year. But meanwhile it is clear that you have to be patient a little longer for better or worse than previously thought.

Accordingly, there have been some changes in the development roadmap. As a result, among other things, update 4.5 for Watch Dogs Legion (buy now € 61.73) will no longer appear as planned towards the end of May, but only on June 1, 2021 - i.e. next week. The team intends to use this additional time, among other things, to fix some of the bugs that appeared with Update 4.0. In addition, the performance mode is to celebrate its debut with the update 4.5 for the console versions. With its help it should be possible to play Watch Dogs Legion with 60 frames per second. In addition, there is a kind of "mini-cross-play" for platforms from the same console family: PlayStation and Xbox users will soon be able to play with each other.

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Due to these changes, the release of the aforementioned PvP modes has been delayed by a few months. According to current plans, "Extraction" and "Invasion" will appear as part of the big August update. The postponement is intended to enable the team to invest more time in working on a matchmaking that works as smoothly as possible. A specific release date for the August update has not yet been set, but should follow in the course of the next week.

Source: Ubisoft