Valve working on "SteamPal", a possible Steam-based console?

Valve working on SteamPal, a possible Steam-based console?

Valve working on "SteamPal"

Some clues have emerged from Valve that point to the possible development of some sort of Steam-based game console, equipped with its own particular hardware and controller, even if it is only speculation for the moment.

The basis of the rumor has something solid, being names and trademarks registered by Valve or in any case present in the Steam database as products in development or in project at some level, but on the essence of these we deals only with theoretical constructs.

In particular, this mysterious controller called "Neptune" appeared, which apparently would have to do with a device called "SteamPal", also related to "SteamPal Games", which therefore suggest a something that can make games work.

According to the interpretation that is popular, but which is still obviously imaginative, it could be some sort of console connected to Steam. To emphasize this idea, there are mysterious references to a "quick access menu" and a "power menu" that seem to be part of the description of a specific interface.

Clearly we cannot rely heavily on these rumors, but it is also true that, just lately, various clues have emerged about a possible involvement of Valve and Steam with consoles.

Before the big boss of Valve, or Gabe Newell, had suggested the fact that there were "big news" coming by 2021 on the relationship between Steam and the consoles, then a dubious testimony emerged that Valve could be working on a console, a "Steam Machine, but well done". The new rumor therefore falls like a bean, we will follow the question.

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