TimeSplitters: New game in the shooter series announced

TimeSplitters: New game in the shooter series announced


For almost three years, the TimeSplitters trademark rights have been owned by Deep Silver and its owner Koch Media. Over and over again, fans have recently asked for a new project for the shooter series, which had its last offshoot in 2005 with TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. And now the patience has paid off. Publisher Deep Silver confirmed the development of a brand new TimeSplitter in a message.

The development studio Free Radical Design is now being brought back to life for the game. The team has historically been responsible for all three TimeSplitters titles released between 2000 and 2005. The founders of Free Radical Design at the time - Steve Ellis and David Doak - will also be there when the studio is reorganized.

"Finally to be able to confirm that the studio was founded and that we have a plan for the next TimeSplitters -Game is incredible. While we can't reveal more right now, we look forward to sharing more information in the future. " - Steve Elis comments on the comeback of TimeSplitters.

After the fans have waited a long time for an announcement, they now have to be patient. The release of the TimeSplitters project should be a few years away. According to the publisher, the studio will begin development in the next few months. The focus is currently on building the team. We'll keep you up to date.

TimeSplitters returns with a new game from the original developers


Well over a decade after the fourth game in the series was announced but never released, TimeSplitters is making a comeback. Deep Silver has revived Free Radical Design and members of the original team, including studio founders Steve Ellis and David Doak, have reunited to make the next game in the tongue-in-cheek series.

TimeSplitters was released in 2000 as a PlayStation 2 launch title. Two sequels followed over the next five years. Although the first-person shooters were critical darlings and beloved by fans, they didn’t quite reach high levels of commercial success. Crytek bought Free Radical in 2008 after the studio closed. A decade later, Deep Silver owner Koch Media scooped up the rights to TimeSplitters.

text: TimeSplitters 4 © Free Radical TimeSplitters 4

Official word first emerged about TimeSplitters 4 in 2007, but it hasn’t come to pass. In 2012, former Free Radical staffer Karl Hilton said the game was a hard sell to publishers, as “a game that is based around a diverse set of characters and environments” was deemed difficult to market.

After all that, there’s actually a TimeSplitters game on the horizon. It’s likely a few years away, though. Development will get underway in the coming months after Free Radical Design has staffed up.