TikTok has started experimenting with its in-app shopping in Europe

TikTok has started experimenting with its in-app shopping in Europe

TikTok is probing the European market to implement a new ecommerce within its platform. The intention is to follow in Facebook's footsteps and bet on online purchases

(photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images) TikTok is taking its first steps in the world of ecommerce: the app has started European sales tests in-app, thus throwing another gauntlet to Facebook. The colossus of Menlo Park has long since further thinned the already blurred boundary between social networks and ecommerce, launching products on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp that allow its users to make purchases directly in the application, by contacting the seller.

The popular ByteDance platform, on the other hand, is trying to replicate the success that the Chinese application Douyin achieved in its first year of activity in the ecommerce world abroad. Douyin, the TikTok reserved for Chinese users only, has in fact earned $ 26 billion in transactions from digital purchases in a flash.

Enthusiastic about the potential gain, TikTok has started working with traders in European markets. , including those in the United Kingdom, trying to find ways to make the sale of products available to the millions of users who use the application every day. As reported by Bloomberg, TikTok has begun a series of tests in collaboration with the Hype brand to test the waters in the European field and then study a wider global launch. In fact, according to a screenshot delivered to Bloomberg, by visiting Hype's profile on TikTok it is possible to view the showcase of the brand which already shows a wide range of products that can be purchased directly from the app.

The move of TikTok comes while the giants of the web are already moving and improving in the world of online sales which, thanks to the pandemic, has seen a boom in uses and will be used more and more in the near future.

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